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Kivos Water (Hydro) Research is the arm of KRL that focuses on ensuring that safe drinking water is available for all. We carryout water testing, purification and recycling research. We carryout water reservoir, pumping stations and purification chamber installations and other plumbing services. Our Services include: Agricultural Water Reclamation, Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Wastewater Treatment, Manufacturing Waste and Water Treatment, Wastewater Pretreatment and Water Disinfection.

Kivos Water (Hydro) Research mission is to provide our customers with water and process treatment programs and solutions that maximize system effectiveness through our unique combination of outstanding service, high-quality products, and superior technical expertise. Our goal is to forge long-term relationships to create mutual benefit for our customers, associates, communities, and the environment.

Kivos Water (Hydro) Research provides cost-effective water treatment, water recovery, and water recycling solutions to major industries around the world – helping protect assets and mitigate risks. Because water recycling and wastewater treatment are critical components of many operational processes, our clean water solutions are available for a vast range of industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.


Key Benefits of the Service

Clean drinking water is essential for living. Having a water purification system available is beneficial for many reasons. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control advises people to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day due to its wide range of health benefits. Here are five reasons why you should start drinking more purified water.

Promotes water research and purification improvements
Water purification promotes safer health and wellness
Provides clean potable water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use
Water recycling promotes environmental health and reduce wastage
Water conservation ensures its availability for other economic and industrial processes