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Kivos Webmasters and ICT Solutions Nigeria is the IT arm of KRL which specializes on ICT services and research. We our programmers develop innovative solutions and applications for our clients that drives the IT sections of their establishments.

ICTs stand for information and communication technologies and are defined, for the purposes, as a “diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information.” These technologies include Information and communications technology systems include desktop computers, laptops and tablets, fixed and mobile telephone systems, communications networks and software – even wearables. Your business can use ICT systems to benefit from improvements such as reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving decision-making and increasing your competitiveness in the marketplace.

ICT systems allow your business to store, process, analyze and share vast amounts of data. The information available from corporate data enables managers and employees to make decisions quickly and accurately so that they can manage operations effectively and respond rapidly to business opportunities or threats. Communication networks also enable decision-makers in different locations to work together easily when they need to take joint decisions.

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Key Benefits of the Service

By automating business processes and giving employees ICT tools, your business can improve its individual and overall productivity. On the production line, for example, solutions such as computer-aided design can help to reduce set-up times and improve manufacturing accuracy so that employees spend less time on reworking. Access to manufacturing data enables managers to plan production more effectively, making better use of resources and reducing lead times.

Better Decision-Making
Increased Manufacturing Productivity
Improved Customer Service
Greater and Virtual Collaboration
Improved Financial Performance