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Kivos Waste Management and Recycling is the arm of KRL that deals with the management and recycling of environmental and industrial wastes. Our research covers development of new waste processing technologies and the recycling of waste into useful products.

An effective waste management system is comprehensive, and focuses on reducing waste, reusing valuable materials and recycling . Commercial processes, particularly those used in the restaurant and hotel industry, tend to generate a lot of waste, and require regular, costly waste disposal. Developing an effective waste management program that will significantly reduce your waste disposal costs, as well as offer these other great advantages.

At KRL we believe waste management if done in a proper manner not only eliminates the surrounding waste, but also will reduce the intensity of the greenhouse gases like methane, carbon monoxide which is emitted from the wastes accumulated.

The characteristic of waste management which KRL deals on is waste recycling. As recycling of waste helps in reducing the cutting down of trees. This cutting of trees is mainly done for the production of paper. Through waste recycling, we can use the recycled waste to make quality papers rather than relying on trees. Also, recycling needs only a minimal amount of energy for utilization and complete processing. The resultant product we obtain is a renewable source of energy and is eco-friendly.


Key Benefits of the Service

Waste is not something that should be discarded or disposed of with no regard for future use. It can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly, through policy and practise. With rational and consistent waste management practises there is an opportunity to reap a range of benefits. Those benefits include:

Its Protects the environment
Recycling aids economic growth
Reduces all types of waste
Saves the Earth and conserves energy
Reduces environmental pollution

Recycling is the third component of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste hierarchy. The idea behind recycling is to reduce energy usage, reduce volume of landfills, reduce air and water pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources for future use.
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