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Kivos Biotechnological Research is the arm of KRL which is saddled with the responsibility of exploiting biological processes for industrial, commercial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of living systems and microorganisms for the production of useful biotechnological products such as food products, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

Because of the advancement of thorough researched and development, the importance of biotechnology has come to existence. It is a field in biology that is extensively used in engineering, medicine, science and technology, agriculture and other valuable form of applications. Biotechnology can be a great solution to mankind problems and challenges.

Biotechnology is concerned with the industrialized production of biopharmaceuticals and biological utilization of genetically modified microbes. And also the genetic constitution of animals and plants can be altered either by inserting novel useful genes or by removing unwanted genes. Modern biotechnology is changing the manner of growing plants and animals aiming to offer opportunities in improving nutritional content, product quality and economic value. Biotechnology has four most important areas of application such as health care, agriculture, industrial processes (biodegradable plastics, enzymes and bio-fuels) and wildlife management and conservation.


Key Benefits of the Service

Industrial biotechnology is one of the most promising technologies around; it has the potential to address some of the world’s greatest challenges, such as feeding a growing population and offering new alternatives to our scarce natural resources. Biotech is applied to:

Beer, Wine and Alcohol production
generation of biofuel and Biodiesel
Household Products - Washing Detergent, Bioplastics, Fabrics, sanitary products etc
Production of food products of various kinds for humans, feedstocks and fertilizer for plants
Manufacture of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products