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Kivos Agro-Research and Development is the arm of KRL that deals with improvements in farming practices and methodologies. Our research covers but not limited to Fish, Poultry and Livestock feeds formulations, Biofertilizer production and Agro-extension services.

The skills and solutions that emerge from biotechnology research is effectively transferred to emerging, small-scale and commercial farmers. Kivos Agro-Research and Development  innovation hubs act as catalysts for the collective enhancement of production, agro-processing and marketing by farmers, scientists and innovators. The role of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) are critical in enhancing grassroots innovation for food security and improving quality of life.

Crop and livestock improvement is a basic requirement for the agricultural sector. Research and development programmes must focus on the commercial sector’s indigenous crops and livestock to develop traits appropriate to emerging and subsistence farmers. Agro-processing reduces post-harvest losses, extends shelf life and improves the quality and safety of foods. Significant opportunities exist for agro-processing to add value to agricultural produce. Enabling mechanisms should be devised to expand agro-processing innovations and establish small and medium enterprises that improve the quality of agro-produce.


Goals of the Service

Kivos Agro Reseach and Development aims to strengthen agricultural bio-sciences’ innovation in order to ensure food security, enhance nutrition and health, and create jobs through the expansion and intensification of sustainable agricultural production and processing.

Researching the needs of the mechanized agriculture and developing programs to meet those needs
Researching the needs for improved climate-smart agriculture practice and methods
Conducting genetic research for improved farm products yields
Promoting the conservation of natural resources
Supporting and providing facilities to encourage activities intended to enrich rural life

More research and development is essential to maintain competitiveness, particularly in the light of climate change and population growth, but also to expand agricultural opportunities. Manufacturing animal vaccines locally will save the industry billions of rands, while ensuring security of supply. Outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza have already cost the industry hundreds of millions of rands, severely threatening employment. African domestic animal sickness is also a growing problem. Affordable animal vaccines and breeding sturdier indigenous animals will greatly benefit the industry.
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