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The Kivos Research Publishing Group (KRPG) consists of a well enlightened team of staffs with several years of experience in academic publication as Editors, Reviewers, Editorial Assistants and Journal Managers. We handle journal publication contract with the seriousness it deserves. We uphold the “Guidelines for managing the relationships between society-owned journals, their society, and publishers” as published by COPE (First published in October, 2018). We look forward to long-lasting relationship with you.

Kivos Research Publishing House (KRPH)

Kivos Research Publishing House (KRPH) is the publication arm of KRL which is saddled with the responsibility of publishing high quality, open access, peer-reviewed research discoveries for cooperate bodies, institutions, research organizations, researchers, academics and students.

Kivos Research Publishing House (KRPH) is a professional academic and research publishing house established by Kivos Research Limited to aid the publication of research and review articles among others owned by Learned Societies, Professional Associations, corporate Bodies and Academic Institutions. Kivos Research Publishing House (KRPH) scope of publication is currently focused on Journal Articles at the moment. Publication of books and other forms of media is currently under consideration.

Kivos Research Publishing House (KRPH) undertakes the publication of academic journals owned by Learned Societies, Professional Associations, corporate Bodies and Academic Institutions as a private contract. KRPH handles the development of journal website, submission system and publication portal on behalf of its clients. KRPH receives submitted articles from authors, sends it the designated review board as constituted by the owners of the journal (client) for review and editorial decision as chaired by the appointed Chief Editor of the journal.

Kivos Research Publishing House (KRPH) also undertakes the preparation of the accepted manuscript through its publication online and in print. Maintenance of the entire publishing platform, archiving of published articles in repositories, libraries and other relevant indexing bodies, including online dissemination are all handled professionally by KRPH.


Key Benefits of the Service

Kivos Research Publication was born for two reasons: To publish excellent and unprecedented researches that are in line with the interest of our journals. Secondly, to create avenue for exploration, ravaging and manifestation of the world of knowledge, and to disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference purposes, especially for researchers and teachers in developing nations. Our publications are: (1) Open Access (2) Peer-reviewd (3) Published in English (4) Bi-Annual (5) Online and Print

Offers promotions and/or grants from academic institutes
Help you to establish yourself as a subject expert
Help to connect you with other researchers across globe
Help to increase your opportunities for future collaborative research
Serve as an avenvue for the sharing and dissemination of your research