Kivos Research Limited (KRL) is a premier multidisciplinary Scientific Research Company
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Kivos Research Limited (KRL) is a premier multidisciplinary Scientific Research company that focus on advances in quality products and service delivery via innovative methodologies from Academic Research, BioTech Research, Agricultural Research, Environmental Research, Food Processing Research, ICT Research, Public Health and Safety Research, Oil and Gas Research and Water (Hydro) Research.

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With so many years of experience in high-class researches,
our company remains the #1 source of first-class products and services delivery that is driven by Scientific Research Innovation.

The Kivos Research Group

Kivos Research Group: we are well trained professionals in diversified sectors with a singular objective: to exceed our clients expectations through our passion for quality Scientific Research, Innovative Solutions and our commitment to efficient delivery. Constant learning, improvement and professionalism are the watchword of our people so as to meet up with the ever-changing demands and challenges of our clients at all times. The company believes that a contented, capable and well-motivated employee is essential to attaining its corporate objectives. Advancement can only be realized by a company if the employees are successful and that success to a large extent determines the loyalty, devotion, honesty and efficiency of the work force. We have the right employees!



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Collaboration Statement
We have forged alliances with world-class local and foreign partners, active in various segments of our diversified research focus which enable us extent beyond the expectations of our clients.
Mission Statement
To become a leading provider of efficient and effective solutions from Academic, Agricultural, Environmental, Food Processing, ICT, Public Health and Safety, Oil and Gas and Water (Hydro) Researches.
HSE Statement
KRL is committed to continual HSE improvement in its operations through active participation of our employees, contractors and the community.
Commitment Statement
We deploy up-to-date methodologies to quickly respond to any of our clients’ challenges while adhering to set timeline to deliver project.
Ethics Statement
KRL demands and maintains the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. This is necessary because KRL's image is reflected by the people who work for the Kivos Group of Research.

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Do you have need for innovation, an improvement of your current methodology and strategies in services delivery and product manufacture? Then contact us today, we are 100% open to your innovative needs.

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